Flair is thrilled to launch the Flair Confidence Podcast Series in June, where bi-weekly we will interview insightful regional leaders on their best practices around careers, serving the community and life-in-general.

The Flair Confidence Podcast was born out of friends and advisors hearing the Daughters in Charge podcast I was a guest on and encouraging me to share additional dynamic leaders voices.

Take a listen to what got us recording…Flair Media – Daughters in Charge Podcast

Some take-aways of what you will hear:

“When I said Flair has a holistic approach, I didn’t realize it so true. Kristie, you’ve covered a lot of important points:

  1. Confidence and the ability to be a leader
  2. Being ready, being distinctive, appropriate
  3. Well informed

All of which roll into the impression we make on others and ourselves”.  Amy Katz, PhD

Kristie: I’m not a magician, not an artist, but when it all comes together from the outside (clothes) and from the inside (confidence), as our client’s confidence is building, people take notice and it makes an impact.

Amy’s responds: There is a spin off effect of the outside to the inside – there is a different energy, warmth, openness, which can spill over into the workforce, a magnetic effect.

It’s worth the juggling because the Greatest rewards with Flair are the comments I get from each Flair client and how great they feel after. It confirms that I am doing something with purpose and I don’t want to stop! I am welcomed into a very private space in a closet, outside a dressing room or in a board room –  you really learn a lot about someone. If I can continue to build confidence and presence into them with something as frivolous as fashion there is a reason of being able to listen, give advice and help them very clearly in one day.  It’s a great thing to do”.

Listen for more tips, including “dressing and acting like a leader”.

At Flair we dream about a time when there are more women leaders. A time when there are more female role models and voices to pick from. We want to be alongside those leaders pursuing their passion in large organizations, entrepreneurship, philanthropy and mission fields …with a swagger, a smile and Flair!

Inspiring Confidence,

kristie sheanshang