Kathy Beechem – Retired Executive Vice-President from US Bank and is currently a pastor and the Multi-Site Director at Crossroads Community church (www.crossroads.net). She shares how God’s purposes can get done anywhere! To Kristie Sheanshang of Flair, she is a financial Rockstar.

Kathy recognizes she has always been interested in leading and mobilizing people by using her gifts of creating visions and engaging people – regardless if it’s a corporate setting (like running US Bank’s metropolitan markets branch offices in seventeen states and managed more than 11,000 employees in 1200 retail banking offices), running a multi-site church or leaving her legacy with the YWCA’s Shining Star program. She also emphasizes the need to listen and to invest in people.

Kathy shares her advice as to how we can live our faith in the workplace:

  1. Do your job really well. God provides for his people thru business. Give the Glory to God.
  2. Show interest in other people – in crisis and difficult times, you need to listen to them. As Christians we need to look for the opportunities.
  3. She offers prayer and most take her up on it. Kathy suggests praying for co-workers, who you work for and those who work for you. She simply asks “what can I be praying for you about?”
  4. The needs of the world can be solved if we create jobs and products that help the needy. Show them examples of God’s abundance.
  5. As you create wealth (aka: by relying on God’s gifts/talents he has given you, by giving glory to him and by sharing his abundance), you are able to give from the wealth to those in need and to great organizations. It feels great to redistribute money!

Kathy Beechem’s Secrets to Success:

  1. Use your natural giftings

2. Match your giftings with a corporation/organization that needs your talents

These two things will allow you to Thrive! …Then…

3. Work really Hard doing the job as excellent as you can.

4. This will build an environment that people will follow you.

5. She also recommends intentional time set aside to connect with God, life is much better with a        relationship with God.

Inspiring Confidence,

kristie sheanshang