We are midway through August and if you are a traditionalist, you are rotating through your seersucker and white linen at a faster pace before packing it all away on Labor Day!

Even if you don’t follow these “old fashion” fashion rules, you will start noticing the transition from tropical colors and prints to more neutral tops being worn with white shorts and jeans in September. So, as you have a few minutes putting away laundry and dry-cleaning the next few weeks, here are a few hints to help you decide what to keep, what can leave your closet, and items you want to be on the look-out for:

  • Take a look at your whites. Believe it or not, these milky shades are not interchangeable: summer whites are whiter from their silver and blue undertones, while winter whites are typically creamier from gold and tan undertones When worn together, one will appear dirty or yellowed. (This is the same principal of why all blacks, navies or browns aren’t interchangeable – but more on that this fall).
  • Look for spots, yellowed collars and soiled arm pits.
  • Examine which colorful prints are getting worn-out from over washing. Better to donate now and save yourself the time putting away.
  • Consider the pieces you receive compliments on and which make you feel good while wearing. Refocus your wardrobe around these pieces, similar styles, and color palette.
  • Make a list of pieces you wished you had – work sheath, linen blouse, open toe nude heels – and write them as a “Shop For” calendar event mid-March 2020.
  • Finally, review your denim. Pants, blouses and skirts in all shades of denim are easy transition pieces into cooler temperatures. Consider a pair of pale blue denim when you would recently reach for white, or try army green or light grey! You’ll start seeing darker indigo and metallic black as we get closer to Halloween.

Here are some pictures for adding some Flair to your signature look!

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