Flair has partnered with Lead Magazine (www.leadcincinnati.com) to interview local leaders on the successes and struggles they have experienced during their careers. We recognize that leadership is more than just a title or a position – we want to meet the full person that makes up the leader.

Each podcast will be unique to each guest, with the through line being their thoughts on confidence, leadership, striving for their authentic self and ways to serve in our community. Flair is excited to hear the similarities that will bubble-up, regardless if the leader is part of a large organization, an entrepreneur, has a role in philanthropy or on the mission fields!

In this episode of the Flair Confidence Podcast Series we spoke with Mary Miller, CEO of JANCOA Janitorial Services, a certified WBE that is family owned and operated. You may also recognize the Dream Manager program, which Mary and her husband created and was made popular by Matthew Kelly’s bestselling book of the same title. Mary is also an Associate Coach with Strategic Coach working with entrepreneurs at quarterly workshops in Chicago, and on a number of philanthropic boards.

A few of our favorite conversations points:

When we focus more outside of ourselves than on ourselves, that’s when life works the best. If all we see is ourselves, that might be the biggest obstacle to ourselves.

Be careful of the dream killers – they may be family members thinking they are protecting you.

As an optimist, Pollyanna type, Mary is quick to say: “my glass is always full, but I am also realistic, I have a plan B and C”.

She says her priorities change, except that she keeps God first, family  and then business. Life gets out of control when we put business ahead of faith and family.


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Inspiring Confidence,

kristie sheanshang