Flair has partnered with Lead Magazine (www.leadcincinnati.com) to interview local leaders on the successes and struggles they have experienced during their careers. We recognize that leadership is more than just a title or a position – we want to meet the full person that makes up the leader.

Each podcast will be unique to each guest, with the through line being their thoughts on confidence, leadership, striving for their authentic self and ways to serve in our community. Flair is excited to hear the similarities that will bubble-up, regardless if the leader is part of a large organization, an entrepreneur, has a role in philanthropy or on the mission fields!

In this episode of the Flair Confidence Podcast Series we spoke with Jacki Purcell – Managing Director of Northwestern Mutual. She is six years out of college and has already held every leadership position one can hold in her short five-year span, all the while helping over 500 clients build a financial plan for their future.


A few of our favorite conversations points:

Jacki shares her thoughts on intentionality and Life’s Mission. I say to myself: “I will use the gifts God gave me every single day to bring joy to those I am blessed to have encountered, remembering that there is a reason He wanted us to meet”.

Jacki tries to speak light into the areas she can see others have self-doubt and tries to carry the torch of self-confidence for them until they can see it for themselves: “Life is Messy and creates a clouded visual in our mind of who we are and what we can accomplish. My role as a leader and a financial advisor is to cut through the messiness and show this is exactly what I see in you. You might not be able to see it in yourself, but her is what I see in you.  For women, confidence comes after we accomplish. But men have the confidence prior. I try to speak the confidence for women and take away the lies”.

Visit www.Flairconfidence.com/media to listen for Jacki’s daily prescription for increased confidence and presence, her personal goal setting activities, why she serves in a marriage ministry…Plus her lesson on using your competitive advantage!


Inspiring Confidence,

kristie sheanshang