As the weather changes from season to season, I typically get a few calls about cleaning out closets and inquiries on how to create a capsule wardrobe. This season of COVID-19, more and more people are asking advice as they are caught at home, looking to “Marie Kondo” and take control of a small slice of their life.

The allure of the capsule wardrobe is simplicity – how can I get out the door faster, cuter, and more confident that my style works, regardless of whether you are a Titan of Industry or CEO of home!

Here are a few tips to get you on the path to functional and fabulous:

Trim the Fat

As you approach your closet, trim the fat and get rid of sizes that no longer fit. You have to LOVE each item to keep it. Some philosophies narrow you to 21 or 37 items. Regardless of number (that is way too small for me!), your capsule collection should consist of items you already own and love to wear. It should also leave room for you to purchase a few quality items each season (Yep, no more impulse shopping). Dream of how easy and convenient it will be to pull on a stylish jacket over a selection of tops (knit, blouse, tank) and coordinating pant or skirt, or grab a perfectly body-hugging sheathe dress. Seasonally you can add a pop of pastel, earth or jewel-tone, or sparkle to refresh your look! You are creating the building blocks to a gorgeous and pulled-together you.  Plus, fewer items in your closet are great on your budget.

Lose the Impulses

This dream sounds amazing, but hard to accomplish because we are bombarded with fast-fashion marketing: clothing that is trendy and cheap to provide options for ever-changing tastes. They are available within only three weeks from runway to store, thus lacking the desirable detailing and craftsmanship. Plus, given their price-point, we treat them as disposable items and quickly rotate them out of our closet. Ironically, to the environment, they are not as disposable as they seem. Their synthetic fibers are derived from fossil fuels, preventing them from decaying once they end up in a landfill.

If you’ve ever bought items that don’t fit, aren’t the right color tone, and linger by taking up important real-estate in your closet, you’ve been the victim of fast fashion, and/or the sucker to the sale rack! Don’t worry, you are in good company, as we’ve all done it. But, it’s time to change your ways; insist on buying quality. Look for fabulous fabrics with gorgeous details, with textures you want touching your skin, in designs you are excited to wear season after season, and brands that are committed to sustainable solutions for manufacturing.

Our Inspiration

Let’s break away from fast fashion and start a revival of the 1970’s creation. Susie Faux pioneered the term capsule wardrobe in her book Wardrobe: Develop Your Style & Confidence. As Faux states, “The basic idea is simple: by building a capsule wardrobe you will buy fewer clothes of a higher quality that you will wear more often. You will look and feel confident and successful because the quality will show and because you know that the overall look works.” Faux defined the core pieces as a jacket, a skirt, trousers, a blouse, a sweater, tights, shoes, a coat, a dress, a bag, and a belt. However, she also believes “…the ideal size of your capsule will depend from person to person.  There’s no hard and fast rules, here – the principle is that less is more so really what you’re trying to do is to make the most of your budget to create a working wardrobe with high-quality clothes that will be sufficient for your lifestyle.” In 1985, the capsule wardrobe was made popular in the US by American designer Donna Karan, when she launched her first line, the Seven Easy Pieces. Like Faux, Donna Karan was inspired by the contemporary, career woman. She wanted to show women that it was possible to look polished and professional without wearing a suit.

Over the past decades, fast fashion has allowed us to shop inexpensively (cheap) and impulsively (quick) as we fill our closets with ever-changing, ill-fitting trends (disposable). If you are looking for a long-lasting wardrobe solution, desire to build a capsule wardrobe, or simply want a shopping experience that far exceeds the drudgery of the shopping mall, take a look at and contact me for a private appointment to simplify and find your Flair!