“You’re grounded!” are two words that can derail your future plans, as well as instantly cause childhood flashbacks of hours spent “thinking about what you’ve done” (Ha!). These two words can also serve as one of the best compliments you can give receive. Let’s take a look:

“You’re grounded!” – These two words spoken by a pilot can halt a trip in mid-motion. Fog and snow can keep airplanes at the gate, forcing passengers to wait. These weather conditions can quickly roll in and eliminate visibility. Their results stretch across hilltops and densely sink into valleys, putting the area on pause, waiting for wind, plow, or the sun to burn them off.

The COVID 19 pandemic “grounded” us in quite the same way. It rolled across the world like a thick fog, unsure where it would settle, uncertain how it would spread, unknown how long it would remain. Unlike a delayed trip, the pandemic feels like a really bad snowstorm that closed the entire world for five months (…and counting). Everyone was grounded.

“You’re grounded!” – These two words bring back visions of teenage rants, sounds of bedroom doors slamming, and hours spent in solitude pondering the consequences of our actions.

Yet, in 2020, being “grounded” does not discriminate by age: college kids are for-going their dorm rooms, grown children are giving up leases on small apartments in big cities, business travelers have had their wings clipped as they set up home office space, missionary workers returning from all four corners of the globe, grandparents are moving in to help with costs and homeschooling. We have many situations of multi-generational families living together for an unexpected amount of time.

Sprinkle in some stress, fear, and financial uncertainty, plus a heavy portion of time on our hands, and being “grounded” can be difficult than it ever was in the teen years. Families living under one roof can ignite old wounds and existing cracks can no longer be glazed over. Adult children might desire the freedom they experienced while living on their own. Road Warriors might have a different parenting style now that they are home more often. Marriages are being challenged.

What if we flipped the notion of being “grounded” on its head and take advantage of the unexpected time on our hands. What if we sit in the grounding and reconsider our direction, our desires, and our dreams.
• What does our family stand for? What is our vision?
• What small synergies can we create amongst our new family dynamics?
• What security blankets are we clinging too tightly?
• How can we daily center ourselves and use our time well? 
• How can we blossom during this unprecedented season?

Hmm, maybe being “grounded” can actually make you, well, more grounded!

“You’re grounded!”– Those two words positively describe someone’s character, typically from an observation of morals and values. They are shared by an acquaintance or even a stranger when they notice a calmness about you, a composure from knowing yourself, and from a forward-seeking outlook of hope and truth. When you’re grounded, a joy surrounds you that not many others possess, but can!

I dare yougo get grounded!