Instead of the exasperated, I have “nothing to wear”, the frustration I’m hearing this season is I have “nowhere to go”. Many friends and clients have called to say their wardrobe is collecting dust and they are desperate to dress!


Retail business is having a terrible time these past tough few seasons, as 2020 provided no spring break travel to sell bathing suits, few graduation parties or weddings to sell sundresses or cocktail attire, and now, minimal holiday gatherings to entice us to don our festive wear.


Even die-hard, casual-attired friends are dreaming of an opportunity to throw off their athleisure wear for the chance to zip up the leather and lace, clasp on the pearls or plaid. They are even willing to stumble the first re-acquainting steps in high heels to signal they have somewhere to go.


This time of year, I often think of my Grandma Rita and the Christmas tree pin she wore. It wasn’t an heirloom, but it is one of those pieces I regret not asking for when she passed away. It was gold plated, with “gem” ornaments. It made anything she was wearing with it a little more on-point and brought many smiles to those she passed. So, I challenge you over the last few days of the year, to spruce up your everyday attire by adding a festive element to your outfit:

  • Red lipstick or top
  • Plaid blouse or shoes
  • Holiday belt
  • Knotted holiday scarf
  • Ugly Christmas sweater to lighten the mood – even if just running errands!

It might even encourage you to invent something to do …and find somewhere to GO!        


(Please let me know what festive pieces you are wearing that should be added to this list?)