With the start of the year, many resolve to cleaner eating and more exercise. I’m sure it has to do with the visions of recent sugar-plums, Christmas cookies and kiffles pastries dancing in our heads, plus the months of nervous indulgence that came with COVID-19’s quarantined living. While the children are nestled in bed this month, it’s our waistlines and belts that are feeling a bit snug.

Yet, instead of online shopping for the next size up, consider a review of your wardrobe while shedding these extra pounds. I know it’s frustrating to squeeze into structured clothes, but trust me, if you buy new clothes or stay in your athleisure attire, you will lose the inspiration to lose the weight.

Flair style tricks on how to dress the body you have right now:

  1. Wearing today’s size – Some people believe by wearing clothes that are too big, their figure will look smaller. In reality, oversized clothes make you look heavier, and often sloppy. Similarly, too tight clothes drawn attention to heavier areas. Focus on wearing clothes that skim your figure instead of hugging your curves. If your hips or rear put you in a larger size than your waist requires, have a tailor take in the waist. This will allow you to tuck in your top, creating a waist. If you pick up a few items to get you through the crunch time, give yourself a goal of when you will alter them down to your true size.
  2. Draw attention to your face and neck – consider wearing a cowl neck, turtle neck, or colorful, chunky scarf wrapped around your neck. Ladies, show off your clavicle with a gorgeous necklace or an off the shoulder top.
  3. Play up your midsection by emphasizing your smallest proportion – A well-placed belt can slim the waist as well as make legs appear longer. Try it by cinching a thinner belt above the natural waist. Wider belts can be worn on the hips to lengthen a short torso or create an hourglass look when worn with a blousy top.
  4. Utilize pants to compliment your shape:
    • Let the flare of the pant leg balance your hips and rear. Think of it this way, the slimmer your midsection, the straighter the pant leg. Curvy figures will enjoy the bootlegs styles showing up this spring.
    • Avoid excessive pleats. I’ve yet to style someone who requests additional material in the midsection.
    • Desiring the look of a longer leg? Wear a shoe or boot that matches the color of your pants. Pointed toes elongate the look, as do diagonal stripe fabrics.
  5. Natural Glow – We often associate dressing in black clothing as a way to look thinner. Yes, dark colors worn head to toe makes you look longer and leaner. However, black washes out most people’s coloring. Bring out your natural glow by wearing charcoal gray, navy, or chocolate brown, which can have the same slimming effect, without adding the lack of sleep look.
  6. Wear your best neutral – When you wear the correct color tones for your skin tone, your face looks fresher because your teeth and whites of your eyes instantly get whiter and your under-eye area lighten.

Even if the stress of the coronavirus, the holidays, or life, in general, has caused you to lose weight, lean on these style tips while you reclaim your personal time and energy.