As the temperatures heat up and more people are vaccinated, many of us are excited to go out and to put on pre-quarantine attire. First stop – shop your closet. With athleisure styles hanging in the forefront, you might need to get re-acquainted with your favorite linen pants, sundresses, and silky tops. When you get the itch for something new, don’t head to your “go-to” national brand, look to the boutiques in your neighborhood. They keep your spending local and provide few-of-a-kind pieces that allow your personality to shine through. Plus, their customer service is typically exceptional, providing a more personal shopping experience.

If you want to simplify the process even further, you can shop in-person trunk shows, which are manufactured in smaller batches, allowing exquisite fabrics and detailing. After selling these collections for about 15 years, I understand most women don’t enjoy or have time to shop, yet corporate executives, community leaders, and stylish women-on-the-go desire to dress with polish and some Flair. Our styles range from gorgeous work dresses and suits to separates that take your outfits from the board room to casual life or a vacation café! If you are looking for some exclusive pieces to add to your closet rotation, shop here or email me to schedule a private showing.

As you find the local boutiques and trunk show collections that “create your look,” here are a few tips that will keep you hooked:

Seek out a Great Shop Girl – Once you find her, hang onto her. You know she is good if she listens to you, knows the fit of each designer’s lines, and understands alterations enough to give you an honest price on what the needed changes will cost. She is great if she is able to style you – not just selling one designer look, but pulling many looks together, creating multiple outfits including the accessories. She should remember what pieces you have bought in the past and build on those items as well. Most importantly, her number one goal is to make you feel confident in the outfit, so you are wearing the clothes, not the clothes wearing you!


Be Open to Suggestions – Clothing looks significantly different on the body than the hanger.  Consider stretching your comfort zone with a new color or a new silhouette. Make an adventure out of it, and allow yourself enough time to try items on. Walk around the shop in it, see how it moves with your body. Always sit down to see if it pulls or is too short. Plus use this time to talk to the owner or shop girl, learn their brands and why they handpicked these looks for you.


Beware of Vanity Sizing – It’s difficult to go from one designer to the next with ease, they have different sizing charts and seam allowances. Grab two sizes to try on and buy the correct size, ignore the number. If need be, cut out the tag! Your motto for shopping should be buy to wear today, not to wait until you can fit into it.

Even if you have pieces unworn from last year yet, there will be a point that you are excited about something new. When that mood hits, and I promise it will, here are three of my favorite tops to spice up your summer.

Links in order, left to right:




If you are looking for some exclusive pieces to add to your closet rotation, shop here or schedule a private showing by emailing me. My collection will be in Cincinnati June 10-16.