Key Note Speaker

To Inspire and Motivate your Employees/Organizational Groups

Invite Flair to kick-off your co-ed industry conference, sales retreat or department meeting.

Flair motivates boosting sales, improving networking and polishing executive presence, with presentations around:

  • Confidence
  • Showing Up – Preparing, Leading and Investing in People
  • Polishing and Faith

Training Sessions

Equip & Encourage high potential, up and coming leaders

Retain Flair to teach modules inspiring sales, networking and polishing executive presence through weekly or monthly consulting and training.

  • Working the Room – Networking & Prospecting
  • Never Stop Prospecting – Sales Process & Strategy
  • Work Life Balance – Balance is a Myth, Live with Intention
  • Stylish Success – Corporate Dress, Etiquette & Reading Body Language


Courageously Be the Best You!

Courageously Be the Best You – One-on-one coaching on executive presence, esteem, and style. Includes understanding the characteristics of confidence, how to stand out and make meaningful first impressions, and self-motivation, intentionality and persistence.

Corporate Package

Engage your Employees for Lasting Performance and Loyalty

Combine our three services to focus on a group of select employees or annually for your corporate on-boarding process. Great way to establish and reiterate your corporate culture with employees as you give them time to learn, practice and use these skills. Flair in-house – Dedicate an office for Flair to visit your organization each month, allowing employees to drop in and ask individual or team advice.

Testimonials & Compliments

In just about any industry it can be easy to get distracted and develop habits that aren’t so obvious without self-reflection.  To that end I was eager to bring a series of valuable topics to our employees that could help them get back to some of the fundamentals that shape a successful professional in our industry.  During Kristie’s dynamic presentation she spoke about one of the most important facets of our job, which is to better understand body language.  In my career this single topic has plagued business development professionals as much (if not more) than almost any other type of inadvertent weakness.  She also touched upon using style as armor as confidence grows and how to work a room, and the level of engagement amongst our associates during these two topics was through the roof!  Kristie also spoke to our team about etiquette and entertainment tips that can often be over-looked or long forgotten.  The tidbits that Kristie shared can be the difference between closing a deal or completely alienating a potential client, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a better investment into your employees.  Kristie gets my highest recommendation for any employer who is looking to enhance the productivity and culture of their office.  Craig J. Carlson, Market President, Lexington, KY. BB&T Bank

“Kristie is helping our candidates grow into successful business owners by imparting confidence in both professional and social settings through examples of what to say, how to act and what to wear . Through her presentation, Kristie encourages people to participate and ask questions, all the while encouraging engagement and increased sales/client satisfaction in their roles”. Joshua Kuether, Chief Development Officer, Northwestern Mutual

“Kristie assisted my team and me with an internal training we held for the women in our local retail and commercial banking offices. These ladies are great sources of referrals for my wealth management team, so we want to make sure they are provided all the knowledge they need to earn a client’s business. Kristie talked about how to not only build confidence with your physical appearance, but more importantly how to generate it internally. Kristie was purposeful, engaging, and certainly possessed the confidence she is trying to help instill in others. The feedback we received was very positive, and I know our guests learned a lot about ways they can improve and enhance their own abilities. Kristie does a fantastic job, and I would certainly recommend her presentations to others”. Jessica Rawe, VP and Trust Specialist – BB&T Wealth

“Kristie was a presenter at Women of Wellness, which provides monthly speakers related to health and wellbeing. Kristie gave practical, ready to use advice. While she was captivating and easily held her audience’s attention, her presentation was also interactive. Her impression on the group is proven daily through the staff’s desire to dress with a little more thought and style. One woman said, “Kristie gave me the inspiration I needed to step up my fashion game!” The Berry Insurance Group

Kristie spoke to the Leadership Kentucky ELEVATE program in May about workplace flair, confidence and best practices. She certainly spoke with authority and allowed plenty of engagement over the 3-hour presentation. Her practical advice and real-life examples were wonderful for this small group and in their current stage of life and place in their careers. The ELEVATE program is a small group of young professionals and they greatly enjoyed her presentation. Here’s what a couple of participants had to say about Kristie’s presentation:

“Kristie Sheanshang was wonderful.  Loved the entire presentation.  She made three hours go by quickly with an insightful and engaging presentation.  Cannot say enough good things about it.”

“Kristie was great, it was nice to learn about personal body language and dining etiquette.”

“She was so great! I would have her speak to my company.”

“This is one of the main reasons I wanted to do this program. To hear from people like Flair. She was spot on with so many things. I wish there was more conversation.”

“Kristie and Flair’s polishing services are amazing!  Working with her has allowed me to give myself permission to feel great and beautiful every day.  Not only did she provide me with new knowledge about choices that are best for me, my coloring, body type and activities but put it together for me in my closet.  She helped me view my clothing choices and how they speak for and about me through a different lens.  This has opened me up to do simple fun things like cuffing my sleeves, wearing a scarf and mixing patterns when I would not have previously.  All of this is her helping and allowing me to see myself and my wardrobe in a more free and informed way.  This confidence this has given me shows in me every day.  Not only has she helped me so much already but her continued support and encouragement are there for me. Thank you Kristie!  You are a talented woman with so much to share.  I feel fortunate that you have shared so much with me”.  Kateri Moll Haskett, CEO, Pediatric Associates, PSC

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Increased Confidence and Presence enhances Promotability 100%
Empowering Top Performers to remain Loyal 100%
Engaged Employees are more Productive and have better Performance 100%
Best First Impression increase Closed Sales 100%

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