You know you look good.

It’s the look up and down, the approving nod, the smile. The admirer’s smile tells it all – the appreciation for the effort, the positive reinforcement of well-coordinated pieces and the proof that the look is one you can pull off. Yes, you were just checked out – but in this case, it’s from an approving fashion admirer, not a pick up.

Recently I had my Friday morning group of friends over for lunch and we got on the subject of makeup. One of the girls, Amy went to an all girl high school and never wore makeup, but now could teach us all the smoldering eye in her sleep. The reasoning then, why waste the effort on all girls? Heather commented how funny that we all showed up today wearing makeup, trendy clothes and shoes, when every other Friday we are adorn in an array of workout attire.

“Why were we all dolled up? Who were we are trying to attract?” Great questions. Our husbands have asked similar questions. Because, like most men, they doesn’t understand that women dress for each other, not solely to attract male attention. If you don’t believe me, watch the next time you are out. Women are more often checked out by other women than by wandering male eyes. Why? To observe new styles, to see who has lost five pounds and to admire the woman who can re-invent the same sheath dress, season after season, and always look fantastic.

Yes, women dress for others approval, but Flair believes there is another, stronger motivating reason. Think of the days you really felt great:

  • The day you were closing a big business transaction deal,
  • A successful first date,
  • or coming back after maternity leave without the baby weight.

Now bring to mind all that you were wearing: your clothes, your favorite shoes, possibly a knock out handbag and a piece of lucky jewelry passed down from grandma or that you purchased with your first bonus check. Subconsciously or deliberately, clothes and accessories make an impression not only on those who see us, but on us internally. Our outfits can inflate or deflate our confidence and ultimately make or break our day.

To paraphrase Ellen Lubin-Sherman from Flair’s interview “Clothing has transformational power. Our clothes provide a message to others. Do yours say you are interesting, confident and/or a role model? Your clothes need to reflect that you are good in whatever occupation you do. How you put yourself together is how you get people to gravitate to you.”

As you are putting your looks together, define a signature style that is your own and that you can own! Add some attitude to your style, some swagger to your walk and let clothing be an uplifting part of everyday. That way, what ever comes your way you will be able to meet it with an increased level of confidence.

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