Flair believes in training our clients to be their Best Self. Why? Because so often we put everyone else ahead of our own health. Our world is fast paced, filled with amazing opportunities but they stretch us past the 40-hour work weeks. From global travel, sitting on civic and philanthropic boards, serving the homeless, volunteering at school and nursing home… we are often left exhausted and empty with nothing left to give. So before the holidays are upon us adding stress of black Friday early morning bargain hunting, decorating the house and baking for overnight guests, Flair is giving you a permission slip to Stop & Strive – accept it and hold onto it tightly.

Five Permissions Granted to Stop and Strive:

  • Stop Striving for Perfection. Great is the enemy of good enough. Perfection is not attainable.
  • Break the Comparison Cycle. Regardless if its competing with a co-worker or “friends” on social media, the jealous/envious feelings are not worth it. Remember, the stories and pictures are shiny and pretty, but not real. No one posts ugly pictures. No one shares their troubles, except in person or over the phone to a true friend.
  • Most people feel guilty when I first mention this gift. If there is a task you don’t enjoy and/or are terrible at, hire someone who can do it more efficiently and effective for you. This can be a handyman to install a disposal or ceiling fans, a travel agent to schedule a much needed weekend away, a college kid to do your weekly laundry, the work concierge to pick up your dry cleaning, replenish cosmetics, and handle grocery shopping, even a personal assistant to manage your home while you are at the office.
  • Sleep & Water – Allow yourself 8+ hours and 8+ glasses a night/day!
  • Strive for your Personal Goals. Don’t just think about them: make a plan, rediscover your passions, use SCORE and have someone keep you accountable, otherwise the years just slip on by.

As you accept Flair’s permission to lighten the responsibilities that weren’t propelling you forward, you may find some time on your hands:

Revive your Time – While interviewing leaders, I often ask what revives them. The top of mind answers include: working out, massage/facial, shopping, reading. As we dig deeper, more creative hobbies come out: sewing, cooking, gardening, rehabbing a house, and being energized by people. With your new found time from stopping and striving, what reviving habits can you put in place that allow your creativity to return and even flourish? Make a list and schedule them – We all know if it’s not on our calendar it doesn’t happen.

Revive your Look – As you cut out some of the extra errands, you may find a budget surplus – claim it for you. Take a look at your closet and decide are you wearing what’s best for you: from cut, fabric, and color of your wardrobe, to shoes, hair style, groomed nails, glowing skin, right shape of eye glasses. Changing one of these areas will increase your confidence, let alone tweaks to all of them. When you feel great walking into a board room, your swagger increases and your smile increases. People take notice and they listen more.

You deserve these gifts to Stop & Strive!

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Inspiring Confidence,

kristie sheanshang