Are you ready for a fresh start, preferably with somewhere to go besides the confines of your home office and without political commentary in the background? I don’t have a magic wand for the pandemic or the presidential election chatter, but I can offer a style solution that can brighten your face, provide fashion flexibility and is the perfect emergency piece to pack: a fresh white top.

How can a shirt brighten your face? It’s pretty fantastic. When you wear your best neutral (aka the correct color tones for your skin tone), your face looks fresher because your teeth and whites of your eyes instantly get whiter and your under-eye area lighten. And it’s simple to figure out: Take a look at your skin tone for cool or warm undertones.  Those with blue and pink undertones, cool skin tones, should wear classical, bright white. Those with orange, yellow or red undertones, bronze skin tones, are best with cream, taupe, and/or tan. Remember to give your neutrals a quick look-over each season and purge when white/cream goes gray or the necks are yellow.

One lesson we’re all getting taught and re-taught during the coronavirus is the need to be flexible. A fresh white top is a must-have in your closet because it goes with anything, everything and by definition looks clean and ready to wear.

Men – A crisp, white oxford looks cool worn out over denim with casual driving moccasins or tucked into slacks and a sport coat or zipped-up down vest.

Ladies – Add your own style by rolling the sleeves and wearing a chunky necklace and/or bracelet. Buy one with French cuffs and wear interesting cuff links, or for some added Flair, pick out a blouse with interesting buttons, ruffles, and necklines. It looks best when tucked into skirts and suits, but worn out over slim pants and jeans. I personally love wearing it belted with a leather pencil skirt or with a printed topper coat and denim.

Two images of how to wear a fresh white top:

The New Classics looks great for running errands, a corporate chic look, and a casual night out.

The Post Neutrals is an easy guide for what to pack, allows tons of variety and flexibility.

There are so many ways for men and women to wear and re-wear a fresh, white top: think of all the zoom call combinations you could create, plus once you can start traveling again, it’s one small piece that is perfect to have on-hand for when something gets spilled, a planned activity gets changed or an event is added. It easily pairs with everything else you brought.

Instead of banishing it to the back of your work clothes closet, bring this simple style solution to a more prominent location. Add it to your work and going-out rotation and it will allow a clean slate, a fresh start, and some additional smiles to your day.