At Flair we believe that one of the first steps in being confident and successful is understanding the importance of always look your best…which means when you are heading to work or heading to the grocery store, and everywhere in between (including when the gyms open back up). This doesn’t mean you need to dress up, just that you need to take some effort and care with your hairstyle, makeup, clothes and especially your smile.

We live in a society where people see you as the whole package. The first 90 seconds say a lot about you, and it takes 7-8 additional meetings to change a bad first impression.

It’s also psychological, putting on a baggy sweatsuit, any old trousers or top will impact your attitude for the rest of the day.  That’s right, if you don’t care enough about how you look when you walk out the door, people will pick up on it.

We don’t want an average outfit to impact your day!

There is a correlation between confidence in what you are wearing and confidence in yourself. At Flair, we believe style can have a positive change on you internally. When you make a little more effort for yourself, you may find yourself smiling more, eating healthier, and staying on your diet longer. It’s infectious. Others take notice and follow suit. In short order, you are also impacting those around you.

Follow Flair’s time-honored style tips in the corporate office, work from where ever, even during a sabbatical and retirement:

  • Don’t Save the Crystal – Good stemware is meant to be enjoyed, same with quality clothing. It is better to have a few great outfits than numerous average ones, so focus on quality, not quantity. Consider versatile pieces, items that will take you from work to a social engagement or from staying at home with the kids to having a night out.

  • Image Management is in the Details – Make sure your dress shirts and business casual shirts are pressed or dry-cleaned. Have clothes tailored to skim, not hug, your body. Keep shoes polished, your purses, totes, and briefcases clean and of good quality. These touches make a lasting impression.
  • Dress Age Appropriately – Early in your career you don’t need to dress like a matriarch, but you can channel the Grand Dames: Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Jones, and Princess Diana to create your own style. Let your personality shine through your accessories, while you build a capsule wardrobe of quality clothes. As you move up the ranks, you’ve earned the right to dress better and to show off those smile lines. Relish your life experiences. Purchase unique pieces while traveling. If they bring you joy, wear real jewelry, leather, and fur.
  • Clothing is your External Armor – Everyone deals with uncertainty and insecurity when it comes to image, confidence, and simply putting an outfit together. Take note of what people compliment you on, what you feel good wearing, and what looks good on you. Re-focus your wardrobe around these pieces, similar styles and colors. These items should be your go-to outfits for new client calls, negotiating a raise, and travel.
  • Dress Above the Desk – Regardless if a zoom call or a conference room meeting, let your personality shine by wearing a favorite blouse or jacket. Add an element that draws attention to your face – an interesting necklace or neckline and conversation-starting jewelry: earrings and a good luck pin or necklace. Bracelets can make clanking noises on the keyboard or table, so take notice of them as you dress, consider a gorgeous ring, and then speak with your hands.
  • Dress Rehearsal Required – As the world continues to work from home, a few additional steps to make sure your meeting or internal interview go great:
    • Is your background distracting – Are there any books, artwork, or unusual sculptures that should be removed?
    • Pick a space with a background complementary to your outfit.
    • Check lighting – Will there be enough daylight? If not, purchase a ring light.
    • Set up a separate iPad or large handwritten notes to place beside the monitor for speaking points, which helps you from looking down.
    • Record your voice – do you need to slow down, annunciate clearer, remove slang you didn’t notice you say.
    • Of course, have water nearby, silence all devices, take a deep breath, and speak words of encouragement to yourself.

While you might feel like no one is noticing as you work from where ever, don’t fall into the trap of allowing yourself to look “only OK” since there is no one nearby to impress.  When it comes to clothes, it’s about how you feel in your clothes, AND how your clothes make you feel. If the outfit is building your confidence, those around you are taking noticing and listening to you. By following these style tips to Always Look your Best, you are able to dazzle them with your soul, brilliance, and wittiness.

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