Flair has partnered with Lead Magazine to interview local leaders on the successes and struggles they have experienced during their careers. We recognize that leadership is more than just a title or a position – we want to meet the full person that makes up the leader.

Each podcast will be unique to each guest, with the through line being their thoughts on confidence, leadership, striving for their authentic self and ways to serve in our community. Flair is excited to hear the similarities that will bubble-up, regardless if the leader is part of a large organization, an entrepreneur, has a role in philanthropy or on the mission fields!

To Kick-off the Flair Confidence Podcast Series we spoke with Stacey Browning, a self-described “dot connector” and networker, as well as Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer for Paycor.

A few of our favorite conversations points:

  • “I think confidence starts from within and not letting others steal your joy and putting their own opinions in place. Many women believe falsehoods about themselves that chips away at their confidence. I take the liberty to say “that sounds like a lie, why are you believing that?”
  • “My mom raised me to be independent and to lead life without fear. She modeled it at home. That’s what mentorship is about, not being told how to do something, but someone encouraging you and thinking of your potential bigger than it was!”
  • “Women hold themselves back and don’t articulate (roles/positions) what they want. As a leader, I have created safe spaces and tours of duty to be vulnerable and try going after our stretch goals. It neutralizes the fear of the unknown”.

Visit www.flairconfidence.com/media to listen to the full podcast.

Inspiring Confidence,

kristie sheanshang